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Logo variations: why you need more than one logo

When starting your business there are so many other things you think about that branding usually takes the back seat and you quickly put something together on free apps. Branding is so important and is one of the key features of your brand and hiring a visual branding designer. It's a misconception that one logo 'will do' when usually this is not the case. carry on reading to learn the different types of logo variations and why you need them.

Primary Logo

The primary logo is the main graphic that represents your brand/business and is the graphic that is used the most often. This is how people will recognise your brand.

When designing the primary logo, my main goal is to communicate who you are, your values, or what you offer.

This logo may include your brand/business’ tagline, website, or geographic location.

Secondary Logo

The secondary logo is a simplified version of the primary logo.

This design may eliminate some text or rearrange the elements to improve readability in small sizes. Secondary logos are intended for online use or when you must resize your logo to small formats.

Sub-mark Logo

A sub-mark logo is a super stripped-down simple version of your main primary logo.

Usually, the sub-mark logo doesn't include text or the full name of your business, it contains just visual graphics. (drawing, icon, graphic shape)

the sub-mark is used when the design has to be resized in a super small format and it helps communicate your brand clearly via the form of an image.

A good sub-mark will help your customers quickly identify and remember your branding in a short space of time.

Primary Logo

Having all these types of logos helps avoid situations of you trying to make your primary logo clear when used in an Instagram profile picture or a tiny icon in the corner of a social media post, business cards, and any other business material.

Having one logo that isn't flexible may actually damage your visual branding and your brand identity.

After the year we've had a lot of businesses have noticed how important it is to their brand to have an online identity. with the way the world is now transforming online, you need a strong visual identity to separate you from the crowd. You need branding that brings your business to LIFE!

One logo will most likely not cover all purposes, take a moment to consider if you think having a secondary and sub mark logo will help with your overall visual branding.


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